Help Buyers Reach their Destination with Better Messaging
Your job, as a B2B marketer, is to get your audience to a destination — a buying decision — by laying a clear trail of messages to follow. But, the many perils in message development can take you and your buyers off-course.

If you need help developing simple, consistent and differentiated messaging, download our Survival Guide.
This guide offers practical, proven tips on how to create messaging that will help your organization achieve your marketing goals.

Topics include:
Connecting with your audience
Alignment across your business
How to stand out
Our first project with Zinc Marketing was to redo our messaging. Not only did they bring a high degree of clarity to who we should target and how to position our solutions, but it led us to redefining our brand.  Since then, they have become our outsourced marketing team helping us develop and execute our entire marketing plan based on this early messaging work that's still relevant today.
Carolyn Raab
Corsa Security
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Zinc Marketing helps B2B technology companies focus their marketing for better ROMI. We work with you to build a strategy, develop content and create demand. Let our experienced B2B marketing team push the boundaries of what marketing can do for your organization .
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