How to Survive B2B Content Planning and Development
To day’s B2B environment can feel like an unforgiving wilderness. Marketers have to create content that meets harsh deadlines and the high expectations of sales and product teams while appealing to audiences that demand a stream of new ideas. If you need help with B2B content marketing, download our Survival Guide below.
This guide offers practical, proven tips on how to survive, thrive and produce credible expert content with real value for the audiences you want to reach.

Topics include:
The challenges of prioritization
What it really means to ‘know your audience’
How to protect against overwhelm
A content planning session with Zinc Marketing is invaluable. Each time we do it, we get more focus, a clear list of deliverables, and discover a creative approach or format we haven’t tried. They have also developed some amazing content for Ubicquia that our sales teams absolutely love.
Heather Ritchie
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Zinc Marketing helps B2B technology companies focus their marketing for better ROMI. We work with you to build a strategy, develop content and create demand. Let our experienced B2B marketing team push the boundaries of what marketing can do for your organization .
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